Majhi Vasundhara {My Earth}

Environment and Climate Change Department

Government of Maharashtra


The Department of Environment and Climate Change, Govt. of Maharashtra under the Majhi Vasundhara with UNICEF and partners is taking up a unique initiative to inculcate the green values in children through education named Majhi Vasundhara Curriculum.
  • The curriculum will be developed focusing on Climate Action Education for the children in Maharashtra.
  • The curriculum will be age disaggregated, supported by pedagogy and cognitive skills focusing on practical learning methods representing both Urban and Rural Maharashtra.
  • The curriculum will be finalized by March 2021 and will be handed over to the School Education & Sports department, GOM to take it forward.
curiculum Department of Environment & Climate Change & UNICEF signed a LOI on 3rd December 2020 in the presence of Minister for Tourism, Environment and Climate Change
Shri Aaditya Thackeray & Minister of State Shri. Sanjay Bansode.
Mitra Parivar Members : 1711397 Date: 02-12-2021