Majhi Vasundhara {My Earth}

Environment and Climate Change Department

Government of Maharashtra


Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan is the first initiative under Majhi Vasundhara. It focuses on identifying potential action points under the five elements of nature (Panchamahabuta) for the betterment of the environment for the local bodies in Maharashtra.
The abhiyan was launched by Honorable Minister Tourism , Environment and Climate Change on 2nd October 2020.

Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan - objectives

  • To encourage active citizen participation in different climate change mitigation initiatives in a timely and innovative manner.
  • To identify dynamic and incremental/scalable measures towards sustainable environment through replication.

Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan - Action Areas

  • Bhumi {Earth}
    • Conservation & Enhancement Of Green Cover & Biodiversity
    • Solid Waste Management
  • Vayu {Air}
    • Air Quality Monitoring And Air Pollution Mitigation
  • Jala {Water}
    • Water Conservation
    • Rainwater Harvesting And Percolation
    • Cleaning & Rejuvenation Of Water Bodies/River
    • Treatment Of Waste Water
  • Agni {Energy}
    • Promotion Of Renewable Energy
  • Akash {Enchanement}
    • Awareness On Environment Improvement & Protection
    • Pledge Taken Up By The Citizens For The Observance Of One Green Act

Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan - first year Target groups

  • Urban Local Bodies
    • Amrut Cities
    • Municipal Councils
    • Nagar Panchayats
  • Panchayati Raj Institution

    All Villages With 10000 Plus Population

Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan Will Engage Around Seven Crore Citizens In Maharashtra In It's First Year Which Is More Than Fifty Percent Of The Total Population Of Maharashtra.

Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan GR

Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan Toolkit

  • The toolkit clearly defines the action areas under all ten indicators developed based on the Panchamahabuta i.e Bhumi, Vayu, Jala, Agni & Akash.
  • It defines the marks assigned to each indicator and sub-indicator.
  • It also defines the evaluation process and documentation required for submission to the department.
  • It also mentions about few potential schemes available at the state and national level which can be used to achieve Majhi Vasundhara indicators.
Mitra Parivar Members : 697602 Date : 17-10-2021