Majhi Vasundhara (My Earth)

Government of Maharashtra

Environment and Climate Change Department

Majhi Vasundhara - PARTNERSHIP

Through the Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan, we built a culture of climate action amongst citizens, and at all levels of the government. By leveraging this collaborative culture, we are working with partners at the global level to further expedite the climate action agenda.
Some of our key partnerships include:


To draft a climate change curriculum for students in grades 1 to 8.

1. Climate Action Briefs

The DoECC, GoM with support from UNICEF, Maharashtra, RCUES of AIILSG, Mumbai and Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Pune has developed Climate Action briefs on the themes of water, solid waste management, energy, and biocultural diversity. The main objective of these briefs is to build awareness, simplify complicated issues of climate change, and to unbundle Sustainable Development Goals in various ways at local level. Link with indexing:

2. Climate Anthem

The Environment and Climate Change Department, Government of Maharashtra with support from UNICEF, Maharashtra has developed a climate anthem dedicated to the youth of Maharashtra to commemorate their ground level actions.

WRI India

'WRI India, through its program- Accelerating Climate Action in Maharashtra Cities is supporting to take strong on-ground climate action in 43 AMRUT Cities through capacity building, support in projectisation, and development of a financing facility to support India's climate goals. This program is envisioned as an accelerator program with three modules that will be rolled out parallelly based on the readiness and willingness of city authorities. The objective of the program is to scale up climate action in Maharashtra cities by mobilizing the transition to low-carbon and climate-resilient development.


Under the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP) of the World Economic Forum, the government of Maharashtra signed a letter of intent to develop a multi-stakeholder partnership for addressing various challenges around plastic waste management.

Climate Group’s EV100 Initiative

To incentivise corporates to electrify their fleets in line with our recent EV Policy.

Circular Economy Agreement with the Netherlands

To advance research and cooperation in the water-plastics-reuse sector.

UNFCCC Race to Zero

To work with 43 cities in the state that have a population of over 100,000 to develop a greenhouse gas inventory and make them carbon neutral by 2040.

C40 Cities

To develop a Climate Action Plan for Mumbai City in line with the Paris Agreement.

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